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What Is Central States Land Title Agency, Inc.?

What is Central States Land Title Agency, Inc.

Whether you are a lender, realtor, purchaser, or seller, Plakas Mannos and its affiliated title agency, Central States Land Title Agency, Inc., will handle all the closing details for you and/or your company. We want to ensure your closing is timely and accurate. Our decades of experience and knowledge of both real estate and the law will set you up for success and provide you with a smooth commercial real estate transaction. 

Why Should I Have Plakas Mannos / Central States Handle My Transaction? 

Why should I have Plakas Mannos - Central States handle my transaction

When you purchase a commercial property or home, you are given the deed to your property and receive full legal ownership of that property. Having title insurance safeguards ownership of your property, which, for many people, may be your most significant investment. At Central States Land Title Agency Inc., we help prevent title disputes that could prevent you from enjoying your home or commercial property.  

Central States handles many types of commercial and residential real estate transactions, including: 

  • Residential sales and refinances; 
  • Commercial Transactions including commercial office space, hotels, restaurants, car washes, distilleries, warehouses, logistics facilities, manufacturing properties, industrial properties, and other business properties; 
  • Commercial Lease transactions; 
  • Purchases and acquisitions of real estate and business/assets for several of our corporate clients; 
  • Construction Loans; 
  • Transfer and Sale of Mineral Rights; 
  • Sales and Purchases of Non-Profit Organizations and church buildings; 
  • Sales and Purchases resulting from probate estates; 
  • Commercial and Residential Zoning.

Our Real Estate Title & Escrow Service Experience and Credentials 

James Mannos and Carla Johnson, real estate title and escrow services

Attorney James G. Mannos is the managing officer of Central States Land Title Agency, Inc., and has been a licensed title insurance agent since 1981. 

Additionally, Paralegal and Title Agent Carla Johnson has over 45 years of experience in the legal field and utilizes her experience in proactively accommodating your closing, making it as seamless and stress-free as possible. In addition, Carla is certified as a remote on-line notary which gives us the ability to handle remote closings when necessary. 

Why Choose Central States Land Title Agency, Inc. for Real Estate Title Services? 

At Central States Land Title Agency, Inc. you are not just a number. We establish a personal interest in our real estate closings and handle each closing as if the buyer and seller are our own friends or family, recognizing the importance that you have open lines of communication, receive clear title to your property, and are protected from any pending liens. Plakas Mannos and Central States Land Title Agency, Inc. are available to handle your real estate transaction from beginning to end including the preparation of your purchase agreement through the final closing, negotiating lien payoffs, transfer and recording of the deed, and distribution of escrow funds. Contact us about our real estate and escrow services today. 



About the Authors

Headshot of James G. Mannos Headshot of Carla K. Johnson

James Mannos focuses on real estate transactions, estate and probate matters, family law, and Claimant-side workers’ compensation matters. Carla Johnson has worked as a legal administrative assistant/lead transaction paralegal/real estate settlement agent primarily focusing on helping clients with real estate matters, estate planning, and workers’ compensation.

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