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Get to Know the History of Plakas Mannos: Who Is Attorney Jim Mannos?

Attorney Jim Mannos, Named Partner of Plakas Mannos

Recent studies indicate that millennials switch jobs every 2.75 years on average. Similarly, Gen Z is expected to average 16 different jobs before retirement. It is becoming unheard of for a professional to spend their entire career at the same place of work.   

Our firm, however, is extraordinary. Both of our firm’s living founding partners, Managing Member Lee Plakas and Named Partner Jim Mannos, have been with our local law firm for their entire legal careers which have spanned a collective astounding nearly 100 years of practice between them. 

Inside the Plakas Mannos law firm

Why Is This Important to the Identity of Plakas Mannos?  

We credit the stability, example, and mentoring of Jim Mannos as a main reason that other attorneys have followed his path to spend their entire career at Plakas Mannos. For example, in addition to Lee Plakas and Jim Mannos, the following attorneys began their careers as attorneys at Plakas Mannos and have never left: 

This continuity and professional growth of our individual lawyers and our team has been an engine for the results we have obtained for our clients.   

Who is Attorney Jim Mannos? 

At the heart of our firm’s more than six decades of providing excellent and aggressive legal representation for our clients lies the impactful contributions of Attorney Jim Mannos. Attorney Mannos is a lifelong resident of Canton, Ohio who joined Canton Attorney George Tzangas’s office located Downtown Canton, and from that, what we now know as Plakas Mannos was born. And since then, we’ve expanded to include an office for our attorneys in Akron, Ohio.  

In his career, Attorney Mannos has been repeatedly recognized by Ohio Super Lawyers and has been voted to Best Lawyers in Ohio multiple times.   

Additionally, Attorney Mannos is a veteran, having been drafted during the Vietnam War era, and serving two years in the Army as a Military Policeman. Moreover, Attorney Mannos has been active in the Stark County community for his entire career, including service to Saint Haralambos Greek Church where he was named Man of the Year, numerous baseball and softball leagues that he continues to play in to this day, and numerous other legal and philanthropic organizations. Jim’s wife, Cathy, is likewise heavily involved in the Stark County Community.  

What Does Attorney Mannos Do? 

Attorney Mannos’s practice focuses on family law, real estate transactions, estate and probate matters, and Claimant-side workers’ compensation mattersAdditionally, attorney Mannos, with the invaluable assistance of Paralegal and Title Agent Carla Johnson, runs our law firm’s Title Company, Central States Land Title Agency, Inc. In his years of practice, Attorney Mannos has represented thousands of individuals, families, and businesses in their quests for justice. He has engaged in arguments and advocacy at every level of the Ohio Court System, including arguing before the Ohio Supreme Court.

Attorney Mannos has truly practiced law at every level; he has handled high seven-figure death claims, complicated estates and trusts, and high-stakes, high-asset divorces, but he is also the first person many people in our community call when they have any legal issue and, while their issue may seem minor to another lawyer, Attorney Mannos always does his best to answer, to listen, and to help. 

What Do Clients Say About Attorney Mannos?  

Regardless of the magnitude of the legal issue, Attorney Mannos takes an interest in all of his cases and in all of his clients. Attorney Mannos has had clients report that he frequently checked in with them and kept them up to date. Attorney Mannos has been praised by clients for his professionalism throughout his lengthy career.   

What Makes Attorney Mannos Different?  

Attorney Mannos’s passion for Plakas Mannos’s clients and mission may be best exemplified by the fact that he can’t wait to get to the office each day to pursue justice for our clients – often arriving at the office before 4:00am.    

Although Jim is a tireless advocate for his clients, he always makes a point to greet every Plakas Mannos employee every day. Attorney Mannos’s mantra, “There is no I in team,” has shaped our firm’s culture, and paved the way for all of our less senior attorneys to be mentored and shaped by Attorney Mannos and his selfless team-first attitude.  

Outside of the Plakas Mannos law firm in Akron, Ohio

Plakas Mannos: When Only the Best Will Do  

With an eye towards the future, Plakas Mannos holds dear the contributions of all our employees over our 60+ year history that make us and our culture different. Do you have a legal issue that our full-service law firm can help with? Reach out to Plakas Mannos when only the best will do.

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