Ownership of real estate usually represents a large portion of the net worth of a family or business. With so much at stake, legal guidance in matters relating to real estate is a valuable asset for individuals and companies alike.

Whether your property is a personal residence, small apartment building or a sprawling shopping mall, Tzangas Plakas Mannos Ltd. streamlines the legal aspects of property ownership. Owners and tenants find our knowledge of landlord rights, leasing contracts, and financial issues to be an invaluable resource. Title services are provided for the purchase and sale of residential and commercial properties through our Title Agency known as Central States Land Title Agency, Inc.

When construction or building problems arise, Tzangas Plakas Mannos Ltd. also represents clients in construction litigation involving contractors, engineers, architects and other real estate service professionals.

Owners of commercial or industrial properties face different issues, and we are familiar with them. Look to us for expert counsel on zoning conflicts, compliance with environmental laws, and other matters. Whatever the property, from purchase to operation to sale, let the attorneys at Tzangas Plakas Mannos Ltd. make ownership more simple.