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Why Having Two Former Prosecutors on Our Team Enhances Client Outcomes

Elisabeth and Michael, associate attorneys at Plakas Mannos

At Plakas Mannos, our team of attorneys includes two former Assistant Prosecutors who spent a large portion of their careers in the courtroom advocating on behalf of crime victims: Attorneys Elisabeth C. Jackson and Michael A. John. 

Elisabeth & Michael’s Trial Advocacy Background 

Elisabeth served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the Criminal Division of the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office before joining Plakas Mannos in 2021. During her time at the Summit County Prosecutor’s Office, Elisabeth handled thousands of criminal cases and sharpened her skills for trial advocacy in both jury and bench trials. 

Michael is a proud resident of Stark County, where he served as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney in the City of Massillon Prosecutor’s Office for approximately two years. Following his experience in Massillon, Michael served as an Assistant Prosecutor in the Criminal Division of the Stark County Prosecutor’s Office. Michael has also enjoyed significant experience in the courtroom, handling hundreds of felony cases on behalf of the State of Ohio.  

Why It’s Important to Choose an Attorney Who Understands How Criminal Proceedings Can Affect Your Civil Lawsuit 

Why It’s Important to Choose an Attorney Who Understands How Criminal Proceedings Can Affect Your Civil Lawsuit

Our justice system consists of two main types of legal proceedings: criminal and civil. In many situations, a criminal act or car crash may result in two cases: a criminal case against the at-fault individual initiated by the State, and a civil case initiated by the victim of the crime or car crash. For example: if you or a loved one are hit and injured by a drunk driver, that drunk driver will likely be prosecuted by the State, and as the victim of this driver’s negligent acts, you may also be able to bring a civil claim for damages against this drunk driver. 

Like any unfamiliar territory, our justice system can be intimidating for those who have never found themselves involved a legal proceeding. Elisabeth and Michael have spent countless hours working with victims of either criminal or traffic violations. Their time spent in the courtroom as prosecutors included prosecution of many vehicle related assault and homicide cases, including those that were caused by drugs and/or alcohol. As a result, Elisabeth and Michael are uniquely situated to help victims of criminal and/or traffic offenses resulting in serious injuries, and are ready to guide Plakas Mannos clients through any courtroom. 

Often times, the outcome of a criminal case can affect determinations of civil liability in a personal injury case, which is why it is crucial that your personal injury team is involved in both proceedings. Elisabeth and Michael often attend criminal court proceedings with our clients and communicate with prosecutors handling the criminal aspect of our clients’ car crashes, to ensure that our clients’ voices are heard, and their rights are protected in both the criminal and civil cases. For more on the rights of crime victims, visit one of our previous blog posts, I Was Hit by a Drunk Driver: What Are My Rights as a Victim of Crime After a Drunk Driving Accident?

How Elisabeth and Michael’s Prosecutorial Experience Helps Our Clients 

How Elisabeth and Michael’s Prosecutorial Experience Helps Our Clients

Elisabeth and Michael’s courtroom experience as prosecutors has translated into positive outcomes for their civil clients at Plakas Mannos. Last year, Elisabeth and other Plakas Mannos attorneys litigated on behalf of the family of a young woman who was killed after being struck by a drunk driver, after he was overserved at a local bar. Elisabeth’s experience prosecuting Aggravated Vehicular Homicides as an assistant county prosecutor has been highly beneficial to Plakas Mannos clients in asserting wrongful death and dram shop claims.  

Elisabeth also relies upon her prosecutorial experience to help Plakas Mannos clients who have been the victims of violence and sexual assault. Whether you are looking for someone to interface with law enforcement throughout a criminal investigation, or are interested in filing a civil suit, Elisabeth understands the specific challenges and emotional toll of these cases. 

Since joining Plakas Mannos, Michael has advocated for clients who have been injured in traffic collisions, both in their vehicles and as pedestrians. In these matters, Michael called upon his experience with and understanding of Ohio’s traffic code, in order to demonstrate that his clients, motorists and pedestrians who found themselves severely injured, were not at fault and that liability instead fell solely upon the opposing party. In another matter, Michael was able to assist a family asserting wrongful death claims through the accompanying criminal prosecution of the other motorist. 

Additionally, Elisabeth and Michael are both well versed with the types of law enforcement information and evidence that is available to personal injury clients, and how to obtain that evidence. Elisabeth and Michael often work directly with local law enforcement agencies to gather police records that assist our personal injury clients in building their civil litigation cases. 

When You Choose Plakas Mannos, You Choose Proven Experience 

Our entire personal injury team has litigated in numerous courtrooms around the country. As a result, we are intimately familiar with the preparation required to ensure that your rights are protected, both in and out of the courtroom. When you choose Plakas Mannos to fight for your rights in civil litigation, you can take comfort in knowing that we will also be there to support you and make certain your voice is heard in all parts of our justice system.   

Contact us for a consultation and let our civil litigation lawyers help you navigate the legal complexities while ensuring that your rights are protected in our system of justice.



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Elisabeth Jackson is an associate attorney who focuses on personal injury, wrongful deathcriminal law, and general litigation. Michael John is an associate attorney who focuses on personal injury, domestic relations, and general litigation.

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