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  • Protecting Your Business’s Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Secrets: Plakas Mannos Takes Swift Action in Intellectual Property Infringement and Trade Secret Disputes

Protecting Your Business’s Intellectual Property Rights and Trade Secrets: Plakas Mannos Takes Swift Action in Intellectual Property Infringement and Trade Secret Disputes

Protecting Your Business’s Intellectual Property

In the dynamic landscape of business, safeguarding intellectual property and trade secrets is paramount for sustained success. At Plakas Mannos, we understand the unique challenges faced by businesses across various industries in Canton and Akron, Ohio. Such is demonstrated by Plakas Mannos’ recent recognition in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms®, ranked by Best Lawyers®, in 14 practice areas in our region. Among those, Plakas Mannos was recognized as a Tier 1 law firm in Commercial Litigation for our region.  

Our commitment to excellence has positioned us as a leading law firm in trade secret and intellectual property disputes for businesses not only from Stark County and Summit County, but from across the country. This blog is the third in a series that explores Plakas Mannos’ unique expertise in intellectual property rights and trade secret lawsuit cases, this one focusing our firm’s experience regarding trade secrets and infringement cases in a wide variety of industries. 

Representing a Diverse Range of Industries 

Plakas Mannos takes pride in its extensive experience representing businesses in a wide array of industries in intellectual property infringement and trade secret disputes that includes:  

  • health care and medical devices
  • private medical transport
  • traffic control
  • talent acquisition
  • automotive
  • hospitality
  • tooling and manufacturing
  • synthetic material design
  • construction and architecture

The Urgency of Intellectual Property Protection

The Urgency of Intellectual Property Protection

In today's fast-paced business environment, the theft or improper use of intellectual property and trade secrets can have severe consequences if not immediately addressed. Plakas Mannos’ intellectual property attorneys recognize the urgency of addressing such disputes promptly to mitigate potential damage. Our proactive approach and the depth of our attorney line-up allows us to swiftly intervene on behalf of our clients, often resulting in the filing of temporary restraining orders or preliminary injunctions within a mere day or two of learning about alleged trade secret or intellectual property theft or infringement. 

Rapid Response: Filing Temporary Restraining Orders

When our clients reach out to us with concerns about intellectual property or trade secret theft, our legal team mobilizes quickly. Time is of the essence, and we understand that immediate and targeted action is crucial. Plakas Mannos has developed a streamlined process that enables us to meet quickly with our client at all hours of the day, learn your business, gather evidence, assess the situation and file a temporary restraining order in an effort to halt the improper use of intellectual property.

The Power of a Temporary Restraining Order

A temporary restraining order serves as a powerful tool to protect our clients' interests during the early stages of a dispute, and prevent further infringement, misappropriation and damages. It provides a swift and extraordinary legal remedy to prevent further harm, preserving the status quo while the full legal proceedings unfold. Plakas Mannos leverages its expertise to present a compelling case to ensure the Court understands the urgency and necessity of granting such an order to protect our clients’ business from further harm.  

What Happens Next for Intellectual Property Lawsuits

By taking a holistic approach to injunctive relief, Plakas Mannos is able to learn the nuances of your industry and your case very quickly in a compressed amount of time, so we can be prepared to handle the injunctive relief hearing, which often looks like a mini trial. After the initial injunctive phase, we use our knowledge of your business and your IP as a strong foundation to build the rest of your case and best position you for a positive outcome.  

Reach Out to Our Commercial Litigation Attorneys 

In the face of intellectual property and trade secret disputes, Plakas Mannos stands as a reliable partner for businesses in Canton and Akron, Ohio. With the historical knowledge of numerous industries, we aim to work with our clients to quickly understand the importance of the trade secrets or intellectual property at issue and the steps that can be taken quickly to best protect their business. And, we have the depth of talent to act quickly, and make sure your right to relief is not delayed. If your business has been subject to such intellectual property infringement or trade secret theft, reach out to our commercial litigation team to discuss how we can help prevent further harm to your business and its most important intellectual property and trade secrets.


About the Authors

Maria C. Klutinoty Edwards Collin Wise

Maria Klutinoty Edwards and Collin Wise are Partners at Plakas Mannos who have each successfully prosecuted and defended claims relating to intellectual property and trade secret theft and are members of Plakas Mannos’ Commercial Litigation Team.

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