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  • Exploring Plakas Mannos’s Versatility in Prosecuting and Defending Intellectual Property Law and Trade Secret Cases

Exploring Plakas Mannos’s Versatility in Prosecuting and Defending Intellectual Property Law and Trade Secret Cases

Exploring Plakas Mannos’s Versatility in Prosecuting and Defending Intellectual Property Law and Trade Secret Cases

In the dynamic landscape of intellectual property (IP) and trade secrets law, navigating the intricate web of protecting your rights and defending against alleged misappropriation demands a legal team with versatile and practical expertise. Enter Plakas Mannos. We’re a firm renowned for its prowess in both prosecuting and defending cases centered on intellectual property and trade secrets.  

With a rich history and multifaceted experiences, Plakas Mannos stands out in Northeast Ohio. The firm comprehends the nuances of constructing a robust case but also adeptly handles hurdles that arise in defending against such allegations. This blog is the second in a series that explores Plakas Mannos’ unique expertise in protecting IP and prosecuting trade secret cases, focusing on our versality in litigating these cases.

Proactively Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Building a Case

Proactively Safeguarding Intellectual Property and Building a Case  

Plakas Mannos’s ability to prosecute intellectual property cases stems from a deep-rooted understanding of the intricacies involved in safeguarding intellectual assets. Our historical track record showcases our proficiency in:

  1. Strategizing Protection of Intellectual Property Before Issues Arise 
    We have found that the old adage, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” could not be truer when it comes to protecting our clients’ intellectual property. Plakas Mannos delves deep into the core of clients' innovations and concepts, comprehending the intrinsic value and significance of their intellectual property and trade secrets, so we can deter any theft. If such theft arises, this planning can be impactful in showing the effort taken to protect such information and property. 

    With the benefit of this understanding, the firm devises comprehensive strategies tailored to each case, whether patent, trademark, copyright
    or trade secret-related, to ensure maximum protection. If such misappropriation occurs, we are better equipped to tell your story to the judge and jury and make sure they understand the value of what is being misappropriated and the efforts taken to protect it from the outset.

  2. Aggressive Prosecution
    When intellectual property infringement or trade secret theft does occur, our litigators employ their deep understanding of the law and our clients’ business to aggressively pursue legal action. That may be in the form of sending cease and desist letters, filing suit and/or requesting injunctive relief.
  3. Nationally Recognized Litigation Expertise
    In the courtroom, the firm’s trial lawyers need to be able to effectively and persuasively tell your story, best positioning you for a positive outcome and justice. Plakas Mannos has been regionally recognized in the 2024 edition of Best Law Firms® and ranked by Best Lawyers® in 14 practice areas. Among those, Plakas Mannos was ranked Tier 1 in our region for commercial litigation. 

Understanding Obstacles: Navigating Defense Challenges

Understanding Obstacles: Navigating Defense Challenges 

What sets Plakas Mannos apart is our comprehensive understanding of not only how to prosecute a case but also adroitly navigating the complex challenges intrinsic to defending against alleged misappropriation: 

  1. Comprehensive Analysis

    • Thorough Examination: We conduct meticulous assessments of the allegations, dissecting the claims against our clients to uncover potential weaknesses or ambiguities. 
    • Identifying Ambiguities: By pinpointing inconsistencies or lack of substantial evidence in the opposing party’s claims, Plakas Mannos prepares a robust defense strategy. 
  2. Strategic Defense

    • Tailored Defense Plans: Leveraging its extensive experience, Plakas Mannos formulates tailored defense plans, utilizing legal precedents and strategies to counter allegations effectively. This includes identifying whether the Plaintiff actually made attempts to protect their intellectual property or trade secrets – or whether such is publicly available information or well-known “open secrets” within an industry. 
    • Negotiation Expertise: Plakas Mannos excels in negotiations, aiming for settlements when advantageous or defending clients vigorously in court when required. 
  3. Seasoned Litigation

    • Litigation SavvyIn the courtroom, the firm’s trial lawyers bring their wealth of experience to the forefront, adeptly countering opposing arguments and presenting compelling defenses. We believe prosecuting cases also helps us anticipate the Plaintiff’s theories and pivot better to defend our clients against such strategies. 

Intellectual Property Lawyers; Here to Help 

Plakas Mannos’s ability to navigate both sides in intellectual property law —prosecution and defense—stems from our profound expertise and historical successes. The firm’s versatility lies not just in building these cases but also in skillfully maneuvering the intricate roadblocks inherent in defending against allegations of misappropriation. Because we handle both sides of these types of disputes, we see the ability to obtain better results for our clients – regardless of the side. Clients entrusting their intellectual property matters to Plakas Mannos benefit from a comprehensive legal arsenal wielded by a team with a proven track record in protecting and defending their invaluable innovations. 


About the Authors 

Maria Klutinoty Edwards and Collin Wise are Partners at Plakas Mannos who have each successfully prosecuted and defended claims relating to intellectual property law and trade secret theft. They are members of Plakas Mannos’ Commercial Litigation Team.

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