As Ohio contemplates the reduction and lifting of COVID-19 restrictions, is your business prepared for the new definition of “open?”

Tzangas Plakas Mannos Ltd has been evaluating the evolving employment and legal issues to help prepare its clients for the reopening of their workplaces.

Is Your Business Properly Prepared To Return To Work?

Creating a comprehensive set of policies for your workplace has never been more important. You must take into consideration your employees, customers, and others as they enter your workplace.

Having those rules and policies established in advance – customized to your specific operations – and communicating them to all of your audiences can give your business a head start in resuming effective operations. Carefully planned and implemented safe practices also serve to assure your workforce and your customers that they are in a safe environment.

Taking the proper steps now can help you remain productive and reduce costs at a time when every dollar counts.

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We look forward to helping you get back to work safely, efficiently, and effectively.