COVID-19 Estate Planning


What You Do Now Can Make Things Easier
For Your Family and Protect Your Assets.

These last two months have caused many to pause and consider the future in a different light.

The attorneys at Tzangas Plakas Mannos have been assisting families with creating and updating their estate plans to give them peace that the assets and wealth for which they have worked so hard are transferred to their heirs in a safe, efficient and appropriate manner. For some, that has meant drawing up a will; for others, we’ve established trusts and other estate-planning tools. Each family is different. Each estate plan is unique.

Our attorneys have worked with clients who have had a wide array of special estate planning needs, many of which have been illuminated during the COVID-19 pandemic, including:

  • Families that have children with special needs;
  • Business owners who want to ensure the transition of their companies;
  • High-risk professionals who want to protect their assets for their families from lawsuits and other creditors;
  • Elderly clients concerned with long-term-care issues;
  • Individuals who want to appoint persons to assist them with medical and financial decisions; and
  • Individuals that want clear medical directives for their health care providers.

Like all of our practice areas, we provide estate planning services to our clients through a lens of courtroom litigation. We prepare estate plans thoroughly and with the goal of minimizing. Based upon our litigation experience in the courtroom, we prepare estate plans with careful attention to potential disputes. Our goal for our clients is to minimize litigation or, if needed, to succeed in the courtroom.

During this period of closures, our attorneys and administrative professionals have worked remotely to answer our clients’ questions, develop new estate plans for new clients, and update our clients’ existing plans. Our ability to assist clients, including using remote online notaries to execute documents, has provided us with the ability to execute comprehensive estate plans for our clients during the forced the closure of many professional offices.

Now is the time to ensure that your family is protected in the future with an estate plan that weathers life’s challenges. Our attorneys will work with you to develop medical directives, living wills, powers of attorney, trusts, family business transactions, real estate beneficiary designations, gifting strategies and other techniques.

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