Insurance Claims & Coverage

When the unthinkable happens, insurance coverage provides a vital safety net for compensation and protection. People rely upon health and medical insurance, liability insurance, auto insurance, professional insurance, or other forms of insurance to pay the costs of illnesses, accidents, or other losses. When insurance claims are denied, insurance consumers face the distressing prospect of assuming all of the expenses. If the insurance claim involves an accident for which you or your business might be liable, these expenses also include defending yourself in court and paying any resulting judgment.

Tzangas Plakas Mannos Ltd. has experience representing both businesses and individuals who have had insurance claims denied or valued improperly. We have represented clients in litigation of bad faith claims, employee medical and disability claims, ERISA and COBRA claims, environmental response and clean-up claims, trade credit claims, uninsured/underinsured motorists’ claims, business liability and casualty claims, and other insurance coverage disputes.

Recognizing that an insurance company does not always have the last word when it comes to your rights, we aggressively pursue your interests in state and federal courts to enforce your insurance contract so that your premiums work for you and not against you.